6 Things Your Dentist Wouldn’t Put in their Mouth

December 7, 2022

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People trust dentists with their teeth because dentists know what makes for good oral health. They’ve been through enough dental school and seen enough dental emergencies to know what things should be avoided. That’s why it’s good to take note of the things that your dentist would never put in their mouth. Here are a few such things, along with what makes them so dangerous


Chewing ice divides people in interesting ways–some have never even thought to do it, while others make a point of it any time they drink anything. The latter group should take note: hard ice can cause chips in your teeth if you bite down on it wrong. It also scrapes away at your enamel, which ironically can cause a sensitivity to cold down the line.

Bottle Caps

We all know somebody whose favorite party trick is opening a bottle with their teeth. Unsurprisingly, this can cause pretty substantial damage if it goes wrong. A nice tip to remember: if something looks like it’s bad for your teeth, it probably is.


Naturally, this isn’t meant to suggest that lemons are unsafe to eat. What you should avoid, however, is sucking on lemons for an extended period of time. Their acidity can erode enamel, which can cause heat/cold sensitivity and weaken the integrity of the tooth.


While biting your nails is a better nervous habit than, say, smoking, it still isn’t very good for your teeth. Over time, biting your nails can flatten the edges of your front teeth, which can lead to discomfort.

Hard Candy

Here’s one everyone is guilty of. While they may be delicious, biting down on hard candies can potentially lead to a chipped tooth. Even people who are well aware of that fact may do it accidentally if the candy sits in their mouth for long enough. Moreover, the sugar in hard candy feeds bacteria in the mouth that secrete corrosive acid. Over time, this leads to tooth decay.


This one’s maybe the least surprising on this list, but it’s still worth a mention. Smoking, dipping, and snus are all absolutely terrible for your oral health. Smoking increases the risk of contracting a number of significant diseases, including oral cancer.

The things in this list vary in how dangerous they actually are for your teeth—chewing a lemon doesn’t carry the same health risks that smoking a cigarette does. But they all have one thing in common: your dentist would never put them in their mouth.

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