Can You Still Align Your Smile with Invisalign if You Grind Your Teeth?

March 13, 2023

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Invisalign has given countless people the smile they’ve always wanted. No longer do you have to avoid getting straighter teeth because you don’t want to wear the clunky metal wires and brackets. The clear aligners of Invisalign can provide you with a discreet and convenient way to gradually move your pearly whites into their desired position. But since you must wear them for at least 20 hours a day, which will include while you sleep, can you still get the treatment if you grind your teeth at night? Here’s what to know about Invisalign and teeth grinding.

How Bruxism Impacts Your Smile

Bruxism (the formal name for teeth grinding) is a condition when people unconsciously grind or clench their teeth together. While it most commonly occurs in children and adolescents, older adults can suffer from it too.

Teeth grinding can exert up to 250 pounds of force if you grind at night. Although your tooth enamel is incredibly strong, it can still become damaged, especially when exposed to such force! While bruxism more commonly occurs during waking hours, it is much more damaging at night because you are unaware if you are grinding your teeth. As a matter of fact, if you suffer from sleep bruxism, it is possible to have as many as 100 episodes of clenching per night, lasting one second each time.

As a result of this continual force, people who suffer from sleep bruxism can often experience jaw and neck pain. Also, tension headaches in the morning are very common. Not only are your pearly whites impacted, but your overall well-being can take a hit, too.

So, Can I Get Invisalign If I’m Dealing with Bruxism?

While teeth grinding can affect your dental health, you can still align your smile with Invisalign! Not only are you still a candidate for the orthodontic treatment, but the clear aligners can even keep your teeth safe from the effects of your grinding. They will serve as a barrier against the force, protecting your smile from the damaging effects of bruxism.

While the clear aligners will not break due to your teeth grinding, there is a chance your bruxism will wear your aligners down faster. However, it is generally not a big deal! Since you normally are given a set of aligners to wear for two or so weeks, it is more than likely the teeth grinding won’t severely impact your aligners before it’s time to switch to your next set. If your aligners do happen to get damaged, your dentist can simply order a replacement set for you.

As you can see, a straighter grin with Invisalign is still possible for you, even if you grind your teeth at night. The clear aligners will not only protect your teeth from the condition but give you the aligned pearly whites you’ve always wanted!

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